Design Work

The Isolation of Beauty:

This is a New Media Art skirt I created using arduino, led lights, vibration motor, and an ultrasonic distance sensor.

The goal of the skirt was to embody the fragile nature and isolating tendency of exception beauty. The led lights are designed to mimic the flashing of lighting bugs, such that they decrease the length between flashes the more agitated they become. The closer an individual comes to the skirt the more dramatically the led lights will flash. Additionally, there is a vibration motor placed at the top front of the skirt, which sets just under the belly button of the wearer. The motor increases in intensity as individuals approach, this causes the wear to feel a sensation similar to indigestion. It causes discomfort intern causing the wearer to want to keep her distance from observers.

Each leaf and resin-dipped silk flower is hand-stitched into place on a carbon fiber mesh. The led lights are wired on a parallel circuit inspired by that of the human vascular system.



Othoes Bag:

othoes bagothoes pieces